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Reverting the new Default Printer Feature in Windows 10 November Update

Reverting the new Default Printer Feature in Windows 10 November Update

New features and changes abound in the Windows 10 November Update (Build 1511) delivered just last month. If you want a walk-through of some of the major features and changes, check out the November Update mega-guide over on SuperSite.

With one new feature you can tell Windows 10 to automatically manage your default printer. The way this works is that the last printer you use automatically gets shifted into the default printer spot. For some, this is a handy feature. For others, it can get a tad bit annoying. And, for end-users not accustomed to how this feature works, or where to turn it off, it can get downright frustrating. After Windows 10 November Update is installed this feature is turned on by default and can be changed by going into Settings - Devices - Printers & Scanners. However, some organizations will want to manage this centrally for a number of users at once.

Using a registry edit (which can also be managed through GPO), you can set Windows 10’s default printer function back to what it was prior to the November Update. Here’s where to go to modify it:

Registry Path: HKEY_Current_User\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\LegacyDefaultPrinterMode

Set the Data value to "1" to return to the old behavior.

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