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Microsoft and Xamarin Partnership Enables Better CrossPlatform Mobile Developme Image Credit: Xamarin

Microsoft and Xamarin Partnership Enables Better Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Partnership announced at Visual Studio 2013 launch event

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Microsoft and Xamarin are partnering together to make it easier for developers to write native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows in C#. The announcement was made at the Visual Studio 2013 launch event that was held in New York City yesterday.

Although Visual Studio supports Xamarin as an add-on, this partnership goes a step further by providing a tight integration for C# developers. In addition to Xamarin support for Visual Studio 2013, Portable Class Library (PCL) projects are now fully supported for iOS and Android, making it much easier for developers to share code across several different devices. PCLs also provide a seamless solution that makes it easy for developers to keep common code in a single project that's referenceable from any iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or Windows Store project.

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The announcement also includes special offers for MSDN subscriptions, including special pricing on new Xamarin purchases, an extended 90-day trial, and free training from the newly announced Xamarin University.

Finally, Xamarin is kicking off a 20-city road show with the Windows Azure and Visual Studio teams to get the word out on the latest trends in cross-platform mobile development. I'll be attending the January 27th show in Denver, so I hope to meet some of you in person!

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