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Actional Accelerates Web Services with SOAPswitch

Actional Accelerates Web Services with SOAPswitch

  Actional, a provider of cross-platform Web services infrastructure solutions, announced their flagship Web services product, SOAPswitch. Functioning as a software infrastructure layer, SOAPswitch is a Web services gateway that allows a company to successfully publish, secure, and manage Web services. The solution instantly transforms existing software assets into Web services.

  SOAPswitch incorporates native understanding of a broad set of applications, providing built-in connectivity to existing software assets. With this technology, SOAPswitch can jumpstart a company's entrance into Web services by quickly exposing its existing back-end applications as Web services. SOAPswitch works by residing within an organization's IT infrastructure, and allows internal staff, customers, or suppliers access to existing packaged, legacy, and custom-built applications via Web services standards, while providing a centralized security and management model.

  This product includes support for packaged applications such as SAP, PeopleSoft, and Siebel, as well as custom applications based on Java, CORBA, COM, or MQ series. SOAPswitch is a standards-based Web services framework that complies with the latest Web services standards, including SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI.


Actional Corp.

Price: US$10,000 per CPU

Contact: mailto:[email protected]

Web Site:

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