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Typemock Releases Isolator 2010 Unit-Testing Tool

Typemock, a provider of unit-testing solutions, has released Isolator 2010, the latest version of the Typemock Isolator unit-testing solution for .NET technologies. Isolator 2010 is a unit testing tool that helps abstract dependencies from tested code and integrates into Visual Studio and Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS). Isolator 2010 includes an IDE and Debugging Integration, and it supports Visual Studio 2010, .NET 4.0, and SharePoint 2010 as well as earlier versions of .NET and Visual Studio.

Isolator 2010 can replicate the behavior of Microsoft SharePoint, BizTalk, web services, and ASP.NET, so that developers can unit test without needing to change their code. Isolator 2010’s server edition allows running the unit tests in TFS or any build system. Isolator 2010 comes with an intelligent completion tool called Intellitest, which generates test setup code automatically and is Visual Studio-integrated, and discoverable APIs that isolate code without setting up complex configuration. Users can set behavior for entire hierarchies in a single command and unit test complex scenarios.

Additional features in Isolator 2010 include:

  • an isolation engine that enables easy unit testing of any code with any design
  • support for all Microsoft developer frameworks, including ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, SharePoint, and Silverlight
  • change-resistant testing that accepts production code modifications

You can learn more about Isolator 2010 on the Typemock Isolator 2010 webpage, or download a free 21-day evaluation license here.

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