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Text Control Releases TX Text Control ActiveX 16.0

Text Control, a component vendor, has released TX Text Control ActiveX 16.0, an ActiveX version of the TX Text Control word processing component. A key new feature is repeating table headers, which let you display the same header on each page of a large table. The ActiveX version also includes the page-rendering engine of the .NET version of TX Text Control, which allows a graphical representation of a page to be saved as a Visual Basic–compatible Picture object or further converted into other formats (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and others).

TX Text Control ActiveX 16.0 also provides a new generic spell checker interface that allows any third-party spell-checking component to be easily integrated into a TX Text Control–based application. The control also has a new UI, including new buttons added to the TXButtonBar, which is used to grow and shrink the font sizes of all selected fonts and increase or decrease the left indent of all the selected paragraphs.

TX Text Control ActiveX 16.0 and TX Text Control ActiveX Server 16.0 are available as 60-day trial versions, which you can download at Pricing for TX Text Control ActiveX 16.0 starts at $549 for the Standard version, with various Professional and Enterprise versions available.

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