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Text Control Offers Free Rich Text Box Control: TX Text Control Express

Text Control, provider of the TX Text Control word processing components for .NET, Windows Forms, and Windows Presentation Foundation, is offering TX Text Control Express, a free, enhanced Rich Text Box for VB.NET and C#. TX Text Control Express includes features missing from the built-in .NET Framework component, such as these:

  • Easy-to-use printing and print preview
  • Rulers, button and status bar
  • Ready-to-use dialog boxes
  • Page view


TX Text Control Express_0
TX Text Control Express

"We are very excited about our free edition," said Bjoern Meyer, vice president of Text Control. "When browsing online user groups and forums about the RichTextBox that comes with .NET, you can feel the frustration of the developers. They are forced to deploy workarounds for simple tasks, such as printing. In such cases, the Express edition of TX Text Control is the perfect start," Meyer said.

TX Text Control Express is an entry-level version of the TX Text Control component and is also royalty free. You can find the TX Text Control Express download and more information on the TX Text Control Express microsite.

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