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Telerik Delivers New JavaScript HTML5 Development Framework--Kendo UI

Telerik , a provider of end-to-end solutions for the application development life cycle for Microsoft .NET developers, released the Kendo UI framework, a new product that helps software developers build front-end web, mobile, and data visualization applications using JavaScript and HTML5. By providing Kendo UI, Telerik intends to make it easier for developers to adopt HTML5 and JavaScript while expanding the company's offerings beyond the .NET development world.

"Building applications and sites today with HTML5 and JavaScript is an exercise in self-assembling an array of libraries and toolsets to compose a platform that has all of the necessary components for development," said Todd Anglin, executive vice president, Kendo UI. "This approach is acceptable for hobby projects, but it is fraught with support and licensing risks, it is difficult to maintain and upgrade, it is difficult to learn, and it wastes valuable development time. Kendo UI solves this problem by providing a unified framework with all of the necessary components for building HTML5 and JavaScript apps and sites."

Kendo UI is based on the jQuery JavaScript library and supports all major browsers and uses the latest in CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript web standards. The framework includes three distinct products:

  • Kendo UI Web--includes more than a dozen rich HTML5 JavaScript UI widgets, including a Grid, plus essential framework components like a powerful Data Source, touch-enabled drag and drop, and a JavaScript templating engine that Telerik claims is "one of the fastest available."
  • Kendo UI DataViz--a dedicated suite of HTML5-powered data visualization widgets, including animated charts.
  • Kendo UI Mobile CTP--an early preview of Kendo UI widgets built specifically for solving the problems of building mobile apps with HTML5.


Kendo UI DataViz stacked bar chart

Kendo UI is available under both a commercial and Open Source (GPLv3) license. Commercial licenses during the initial release will cost $399 and will include Kendo UI Web, Kendo UI DataViz, access to professional support, and all major and minor updates for one year. Free commercial trial licenses are also available. You can find more information about Kendo UI on the Kendo UI web page.


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