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Telerik Announces Major Release of Kendo UI HTML5 JavaScript Web App Builder

Telerik has announced its next major release of its Kendo UI HTML5 and JavaScript-based mobile and web development platform, Kendo UI Complete, a collection of web, data visualization, and management tools for professional software developers. The new release of Kendo UI adds support for tablet UIs and introduces server-side wrappers for ASP.NET MVC.

"With this release, Kendo UI moves beyond mobile phones to help developers create experiences with HTML5 that look native on the iPad and other tablets," said Todd Anglin, Vice President, HTML5 Web and Mobile Tools at Telerik. "In addition, we've added important updates across the Kendo UI framework, including the first in a series of server-side wrappers that further equip developers to quickly and cost-effectively create advanced apps and mobile sites with HTML5 and JavaScript."

The new Kendo UI release now includes a complete set of controls and widgets for creating rich iPad user interfaces. The addition of these iPad controls augments Kendo UI's mobile development capabilities, which use an adaptive rendering approach to target multiple phone and tablet platforms with a single UI codebase, based on HTML5 and JavaScript.

The new server-side ASP.NET MVC wrappers are intended to help developers who are more comfortable working with a server-side language take advantage of client-side technologies -- HTML5, JavaScript, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) -- in building web applications. Kendo UI Complete for ASP.NET MVC is the first of what the company plans to be a collection of server-side helpers for different platforms, including Java and PHP.

The new Bubble chart type in Telerik's Kendo UI

Additional enhancements in the latest version of Kendo UI include these:

  • Kendo UI Mobile: New Popover and Split View controls and Action Sheet and Modal View widgets
  • Kendo UI DataViz: New Donut (or torus) and Bubble chart types, date axis support, and additional arrow types for the Radial Gauge
  • Kendo UI Web: Combined DateTimePicker widget, column reordering and resizing on the Grid, and support for hierarchical and relational data in the DataSource

In a separate announcement, Telerik said it is now offering an open beta of its RadControls for Metro toolset, which offers functionality on top of the Windows 8 SDK to enable developers to build business and consumer Metro apps.

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