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TechExcel Releases New Version of its ALM Solution DevSuite 8.5

TechExcel announced the release of its application lifecycle management solution, DevSuite 8.5. The latest version of DevSuite expands the integrated platform for requirements management, project planning, development tracking, and QA testing to include product portfolio management and additional reporting capabilities. The focus of this release, according to Tieren Zhou, TechExcel’s chief executive officer and chief software architect, is to “provide even more reporting and analytics options for our users.”

The release features improved reporting and analytics capabilities that span the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC). DevSuite lets you create unlimited instances of the same reporting style, build drill-down reports that automatically break down owners by type of issues owned, and add drill-down reports as widgets in the development dashboard. The new release also includes new distribution, trend, and tabular reports that let you track requirement data, change controls, and change impact.

DevSuite also includes a new Product Portfolio Management tool that provides a real-time view of all internal and external processes and resources for an organization’s portfolio. The new portfolio-management tool helps organizations communicate effectively across teams to work more efficiently. Additional DevSuite 8.5 features include usability improvements, new product components, and a new change request view. 

DevSuite 8.5 is available as a desktop and Internet solution. For more information about DevSuite 8.5, visit the DevSuite home page.

Blair Greenwood, Editorial Assistant, Penton Media IT & Developer Group

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