Customize App Controller Logos

Customize App Controller Logos

Q: Can I customize my System Center AppController logos?

A: By default, System Center AppController features a System Center 2012 logo in the top left corner and an App Controller logo in the top right as shown below.

Customizing is actually very simple as these logos are just images in the root of the AppController website folder, which is C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center 2012\App Controller\wwwroot. The replacement images must be the same size as the existing images and must be of type transparent PNG.

Below is a table that confirms the name of the file to replace and its dimensions.

Image Location Image Name Dimensions
Top left SC2012_WebHeaderLeft_AC.png 213x38
Top right SC2012_WebHeaderRight_AC.png 108x16

Below is an example of my new customized images. The images also show on the logon screen for AppController.

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