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SuperSite Blog Daily Update: October 7, 2010

An awesome graph depicting the various lawsuits underway currently in the mobile market. (Related: Motorola is now suing Apple for patent infringement too.)

From the NYT: W3C: HTML5 Not 'Ready For Production Yet'. I believe the W3C is the only tech entity on earth that makes Microsoft look fast by comparison.

Speaking of moving (very) slowly, Facebook this week introduced new tools allowing members to finally segregate their "friends" into groups and selectively post information those groups. This follows Microsoft's concept of "friends, friends, and FRIENDS," where there are really different levels of "friendship" on such services: People who are really friends, acquaintances, and people you have in fact never met. Also available from Facebook now: A way to download your Facebook information and a dashboard for monitoring Facebook applications.

Verizon preps 4G launch for 38 markets, including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Boston. Here's a map (hopefully, it may be blocked):

Great, funny headline: Microsoft's Ballmer Promises Christmas Tablet Miracle. Too bad what he's promised, really, is some tablets in time for the holidays and much better solutions next year. I suspect CES 2011 will be tablet-heavy (again).

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