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SuperSite Blog Daily Update: November 18, 2010

Good morning.

In the wake of the faux uproar over its distribution of Microsoft Security Essentials through Windows Update, the software giant this week announced an offer in which small businesses can get Symantec security software for free through PCMall. Now that should satisfy Panda Security and Trend Micro! OK, to be honest, this isn't related to the MSE thing in any way. I seem to be the only one who understands that, however.


Remember the OnLive video game service and game system? The latter is now available for pre-order, for $99. I've been testing the PC-based version of the service and it's been pretty lagtastic, so I'm not sure what to think of this at the moment.


Irony alert: When Brian Hogg submitted a Mosspuppet app to Apple's iPhone Apps Store, it was rejected, most likely because of the company's love affair with tech reviewer/Apple promoter Walter Mossberg. So he submitted a version of the app to Microsoft for Windows Phone 7 and it was quickly accepted. You know, because it's awesome. It's called Mossboard. SHUT UP!


Ben Rudolph has an interesting post on the Windows Team Blog about the Dell Inspiron duo, a unique convertible laptop (shades of the Clio) with netbook-type parts. iPad killer? No, but a nice alternative for those who want a real PC (and let's face it, the netbook market is still roughly ten times the size of the iPad market, so it's a reasonable audience size).


Microsoft opened a retail store in Bellevue, WA today. This is a big deal because it's so close to the Microsoft campus, I guess.

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