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SuperSite Blog Daily Update: December 3, 2010

Good morning.

I should have a Dell Inspiron Duo here today, so expect at least a few photos, and maybe some first impressions. Off the top of my head, I'm not expecting much: It's heavier than the iPad and gets (much) worse battery life, I bet, and I've heard the screen is low-quality. All in all, a typical first-gen WinTel response to Apple. We'll see.


According to WordPress, signups at that blogging service have more than doubled since Microsoft canceled Windows Live Spaces and gave those subscribers a chance to move to WordPress. 

We've seen an explosion in the number of sites joining every day. With the addition of Windows Live Spaces sites moving to, Windows Live users who are new to blogging coming here, and word-of-mouth from our current and very passionate users, the number of people joining has doubled to over 900,000 per month (up from around 400,000 per month before the migration).


NewEgg is offering an unlocked version of the HTC HD7 Windows Phone for $565. I believe this is the first unlocked Windows Phone in the US. Thanks to Terry R. for the link.


Microsoft is having a daily deal on the Games for Windows Marketplace, where each day a game is selling for 99 cents. Today's game, Shadowrun, isn't great, but it is priced right. Check back each day for the new deal, through December 25.

Thanks to Alex B. for the link.
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