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SuperSite Blog Daily Update: December 28, 2010

Good morning.

The Daily Beast has an interesting interview with Douglas Klunder, the "father of Excel." 2010 marks the 25th anniversary of this important software. And no, I'd never heard of the Daily Beast either.

Thanks to Eddis J. for the link.

According to the ever-reliable Gregg Keizer, Microsoft is "winding down" Windows 7 Family Pack sales. His source: The product page for Windows 7 Family Pack on, which notes that it will be "available to purchase until December 31, or while supplies last." As with last year's Family Pack, this has always been a limited-time offer, of course. Still, if you're in the market, the time to buy is now. is claiming that Microsoft is the most innovative tech company in the world

No, seriously. They are.

Why? Because of it's five-year-old Xbox 360 business.

I know, I know.

I haven't tested this yet--I will--but Android Forums has published a way to get Zune Pass content to sync with an Android phone. If I'm not mistaken, this is similar to how Windows Mobile users used to sync Zune Pass content with their own devices, basically by using Windows Media Player to handle the sync.

Thanks to Jeff D. for the link.

I guess people really are that dumb: Despite an unprecedented number of hardware issues with the iPhone 4, Apple is raising its iPhone 4 sales forecast for Q1 2011. Of course, if this means the device is coming to Verizon, that does make a bit of sense. But it amazes me that Apple not only shipped a device that buggy, but that it never really fixed any of the issues and not only got away with it, but got the entire world to look the other way. That's market power.
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