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Windows IT Pro Storage UPDATE--Securing Laptop Storage--June 27, 2005

Windows IT Pro Storage UPDATE--Securing Laptop Storage

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1. Commentary
- Seagate Makes Laptop Storage Secure and Simple

2. From the Community
- Got a Storage Question? Bring It to the Storage Forum!

3. New and Improved
- NetApp Adds 2 Disk-Based Internet Security Appliances to NetCache Family
- New Maxell Technology Extends Tape Capacity
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4. Windows IT Pro Resources

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==== 1. Commentary: Seagate Makes Laptop Storage Secure and Simple ====
by David Chernicoff, [email protected]

An ongoing nightmare for IT managers is the loss of a notebook or laptop computer. The worst part of the loss isn't usually the cost of the notebook; it's the potential value of the data contained within. And in the case of the notebook of a senior manager or C-level executive, the potential repercussions of a lost or stolen notebook could be quite significant.

Using the Windows OS's built-in encryption to protect notebook and laptop data provides some security. To provide additional security--for example, to protect extremely valuable data--IT pros could use any of a number of third-party products that lock up areas of a user's hard drive as a secure storage vault and can be accessed only by using the correct passwords and Windows passwords. The problem with such solutions, though, tends to be that users often circumvent the security by copying that data elsewhere on their hard disk, or, unknowingly, in a cache that is in an unsecure section of the hard drive. Such actions nullify all the security precaution; they make the formerly secured data unsecured again because it's outside the explicitly protected storage areas.

Seagate Technology recently made a significant contribution to preventing this security problem when it announced its Momentus 2.5-inch notebook disk drives. The Momentus drives are interesting from a technology perspective in that they're the first product to use perpendicular recording, a technique that stands data bits on the end on the storage platter--thereby increasing disk density--as opposed to the flat-to-the-surface technique of standard hard disk technology.

But more important than the capacity improvements is that the Momentus drives introduce Seagate's hardware-based Full Disk Encryption (FDE) technology. FDE uses hardware encryption, keeping all cryptographic operations on the drive so they're invisible to the OS. A user need only enter his or her key to make the drive data available for use. Hardware encryption means that no software exists for hackers to attempt to crack to access data on the drive and users don't need to remember what directories to place data in or additional passwords for those files and directories. This security is part of Seagate's suite of on-drive security features, which fall under the umbrella name of DriveTrust Technology, and also includes key-management and recovery available as enterprise software solutions.

Because users have to do only a minimal amount of action to access the drive, Seagate's FDE technology, unlike other encryption methods, won't prevent users from getting their work done. Furthermore, the blanket protection that FDE provides all data on a protected drive means that users don't have to do anything to keep that data safe. From the IT perspective, the technology minimizes the exposure to data that needs to physically leave the corporate environment. An additional IT benefit is that no special initialization is needed to use the security nor any special software to format or wipe any drive. This means that hardware redeployment is significantly easier than when using a software-based drive-encryption technology.

You can find more detailed information about the Momentus FDE products at

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==== 2. From the Community ====

Got a Storage Question? Bring It to the Storage Forum!

Are you new to SAN technology? Got a question about SANs--or other storage- and backup-related topics? Join the discussion now in's Other Computing-Storage/Backup/Recovery forum at

==== 3. New and Improved ====
by Dustin Ewing, [email protected]

NetApp Adds 2 Disk-Based Internet Security Appliances to NetCache Family

Network Appliance unveiled two new midrange NetCache systems: the NetApp C2300 and C3300. Both systems, which are part of NetApp's NetCache line of Web-delivery and security appliances, are intended to provide security solutions for enterprise data centers and also provide more midrange deployment options than the previous NetCache portfolio, according to NetApp. The C2300 offers 1GB of RAM and scalability from two to six internal disk drives. The C3300 offers 2GB of RAM and scalability from two to 20 drives. For more information about the products and pricing, contact NetApp on the Web:

New Maxell Technology Extends Tape Capacity

Maxell Corporation of America has completed the development of NeoSMART, a combination of related technologies that will provide tape media storage capacities of 10TB per cartridge and beyond. NeoSMART is based on engineering advancements that include spherical magnetic particles that are 5000 times thinner than a human hair and improved servo track writing. The advancements are essential to the design and mass production of future-generation, ultra high-capacity data cartridges. For more information about NeoSMART, contact Maxell on the Web:

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