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Welcome to the You've Been Hacked Blog

Greetings and welcome to the You've Been Hacked Blog! Over the next few monthsm we're going to be having a strong, frank discussion of security matters related to Micorosoft opearating systems, services, and products. As the title suggests, there is a special focus on what to do if you think you've been hacked. All of these can be complex and important topics and we want to hear from you about your experiences, questions, concerns, references, FAQ's and links.

BTW, my name is Brett Hill (IIS MVP), and I run,, and where security is always a hot topic. You'll also find several article by me in the pages of Windows IT Pro magazine.  I'll be posting entries here regularly as well as answering questions and having some of my friends of some techie friends check on specfiic topics such as the importance of having a good security policy before you are attacked.

To kick of the conversation, what's your take on this article?

"The rate at which personal computers are being hijacked by hackers rocketed in the first half of 2004, reveals a new report. An average of 30,000 computers per day were turned into enslaved “zombies”, compared with just 2000 per day in 2003."

- Brett Hill

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