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Want to make big money in IT security? Here's what to focus on

Want to make big money in IT security? Here's what to focus on

2016 Skills and Salary Survey finds IT investing heavily in security roles, particularly with the right certification

Compensation for IT security roles seems to rise and fall in waves, but recently businesses seem to realize that an ounce of prevention beats pounds of the pain that can come in the wake of a major intrusion.

IT security ranked third highest in the top average paying jobs, according to the most recent Global Knowledge Skills and Salary Survey.

On average, respondents in the security field made $104,949.

Which certifications a security professional had appears to have a large impact on salary.

Those with the HealthCare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner (HCISPP) certification, from (ISC)², topped the list at an average U.S. salary of $142,077 — not surprising given the massive risk the healthcare industry faces and the impact of repeated intrusions.

Other certifications saw their holders with an average salary of $81,467 on the low end.

To read the full impact of certifications on potential salary, download the full report by providing your information and go to page 56 of the report.


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