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Surprise: Sober Spreads Trojan Used to Send Spam

In a recent news story I wrote about the latest variation of the Sober worm, which can spread a Trojan to susceptible systems. The Trojan builds what effectively amounts to a network of zombie computers (commonly known as a botnet) that can be instructed to do just about anything, including sending spam, and that's what happened recently with the latest Sober variant. As common as this ploy is it seems to have become big news all around the Internet, probably because the spam message carried political undertones.

According to some reports the worm is slated to become active again on May 23 and if that is correct then it'll undoubtedly start spreading again. That means you already know what next week's big headline will be ... LOL.

Thank goodness for anti-virus software. You do have anti-virus software installed, right?

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