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Some Vulnerabilities Are Downright Funny

"Full Disclosure" is a decent mailing list, although the conversation can at times become childish and full of offensive language. I have to admit it tries my patience. Even so, every once in a while a truly funny post comes across the list to lighten the discussion. Here's the latest comedic relief, courtesy of Dave Cawley -- LOL ! 

 -----Original Message-----
From:  Dave Cawley \[mailto:dave.cawley@DELETED\]
Sent: Thu Sep 08 09:11:22 2005
To: full-disclosure@DELETED
Subject: \[Full-disclosure\] Secuirty Hole Found In Dave's Sock

Date:  9/8/2005

Vulnerability Found:    Hole In Dave's Socket

Affected System:  Dave's Right Sock

Severity:   Rating: Moderately Critical
    Impact: System access
    Where:  Foot

Description of Vulnerability:  This morning while putting my socks
on I found a small (1/4 inch) hole by my big toe. This could be
exploited by a virus through the bottom of the foot or under the
toe nail. This could be used to compromise Dave's entire system.

Solution: No permanent solution is currently available. A work
around is to wear the sock on the other foot to have the hole
above the small toe where it will not be furthur enlarged, it
will proboably fold over and partially cover the vulnerability.
Permanent solution coming in either a sock darning or upgrading
the unit to a new sock.

Time Table:  Found at 7:48am on Sept 8th, 1005
             Work around figured out at 7:49am on Sept 8th, 2005
             Permanent Solution Pending

Credits:  Found by Dave

References:  No references available.

Dave D. Cawley           |
High Speed Internet      |    The number of Unix installations
Duryea, PA               | has grown to 10, with more expected.
(570)DEL-ETED x104       |  - The Unix Programmer's Manual,1972
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