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A Small Business Security Checklist

1. Protect Your Desktops and Laptops If you are serious about security, there are three things you must do: 1) keep your software up to date, 2) protect against viruses, and 3) set up a firewall.

2. Keep Your Data Safe Implementing a regular backup procedure is a simple way to safeguard critical business data. Setting permissions and using encryption will also help.

3. Use the Internet Safely Unscrupulous Web sites, as well as pop-ups and animations, can be dangerous. Set rules about Internet usage to protect your business - and your employees.

4. Protect Your Network Remote access to your network may be a business necessity, but it is also a security risk you need to closely monitor. Use strong passwords and be especially cautious about wireless networks.

5. Protect Your Servers Your servers are your network's command center. If they become compromised, your entire network is at risk. To protect your business, protect your servers.

6. Secure Your Line of Business Applications Make sure that software critical to your business operations is fully secure around the clock. Internal and external vulnerabilities can lead to lost productivity - or worse.

7. Manage Desktops and Laptops from the Server Without stringent administrative procedures in place, the security measures you take to safeguard your business may be unintentionally jeopardized by users.

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