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Security Work To Go

Laptops are great tools, particularly when it comes to security work. After all, they're portable. But what about an ultra-portable computer?

OQO's Model 01+ Ultra Personal Computer (uPC) is really slick. It runs a full-blown copy of Windows XP on 1GHz processor, with a 30GB hard drive, 512MB RAM, and also has integrated wireless networking, a FireWire and USB port, an audio out connector, a microphone, speaker, full QWERTY keyboard, thumb wheel mouse, and a digital pen. The uPC has a 5 inch color display and is incredibly portable with a size of only 4.9" x 3.4" x 0.9". The entire device weighs just 14 ounces!

I know, you wonder how much this thing costs. The latest model has a price tag of $1899. Check it out at the OQO Web site.

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