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Security Update for Firefox Preview Release

If you are using Mozilla Organization's Firefox Web browser then you might need to install an update to protect your systems against possible attacks. On September 29 Alex Vincent reported a vulnerability that might allow intruders to delete files on a user's system. Mozilla issued an update for the Browser on October 1st.

To determine if you have a vulnerable version of the browser select Help, and About Mozilla Firefox from the pulldown menus. At the bottom of the dialog you should see text that includes "
Firefox/0.10.1."  If you don't see that text then you probably have a vulnerable version and should load the update as soon as possible.

To load the patch you can read the bulletin at Mozilla Organization's Web site where you'll find a link to the update along with other technical details. Or you can use Firefox's built-in update tool by selecting Tools, Options, Advanced, and then scroll down to the Software Update section and click the button labeled "Check Now," which will download the update.

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