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Quick Local Admin Test

Determine whether the current user is a local administrator without checking Domain Group membership


Need to determine whether the current user is a local administrator? Here’s a way you can quickly make this determination without having to check Domain Group membership. All you need to do is run a script named LocalAdminTest.vbs on the user’s machine under that person’s credentials.

LocalAdminTest.vbs attempts to create a new registry key in a location (HKEY_ CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies) that’s normally forbidden to users unless they’re local administrators. If the script successfully creates that key, it displays a message box noting that the user has local administrator permissions, then deletes the key it just created. If the script is unsuccessful, it displays the message box that Figure 2 shows.

You can download LocalAdmin- Test.vbs by clicking the Download the Code Here button at the top of this page. You don’t have to make any modifications to the script before running it.
—Harry Verge, senior technology specialist, TELUS

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