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New Linksys Wireless Adapter Puts a WiFi Scanner in Your Pocket

This is a really slick innovation: The Linksys Wireless-G USB Network Adapter with Wi-Fi Finder (model number WUSBF54G). It's a wireless network adapter with a built-in wireless scanner to detect available networks, and it works as a standalone unit so you can detect 802.11b/g networks before you power up your laptop. Having one of these is sort of like having Netstumbler in device the size of a pack of gum! 

The product literature says "It displays all pertinent information such as the wireless network's name (SSID), signal strength, the channel used, and whether wireless security is enabled or not. The information is displayed on an easy-to-read LCD display and can be set up to look for only open networks, all networks, or a specific named network. Discovered networks are listed in order of signal strength."

The unit costs about $79 at your local Linksys reseller. How cool is that?

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