New & Improved, July 2006

Quickly Recover Data When Disaster Strikes
Unitrends announced updates to its Rapid Recovery System, which lets you recover entire systems or individual files when system failure or accidental deletion occurs. New enhancements to Unitrend's Hot BareMetal capability let Linux users capture an entire OS image at any point in time, without having to first shut downthe server application or interrupt operations. You can also perform a Windows-based BareMetal recovery torecover to dissimilar hardware. Additionally, Rapid Recovery System includes support for Active Directory(AD), featuring single-file registry backup., 803-454-0300, 800-648-2827

Manage Heterogeneous APs from One Console
AdventNet announced ManageEngine WiFi Manager 4.3, a centralized management and security solution for wireless LANs (WLANs). WiFi Manager blocks wireless threats such as rogue attacks, intrusions, and vulnerabilitiesand provides bandwidth, traffic, and error monitoring. This release supports more than 20 new Access Points(APs), bringing the total of supported APs to more than 70. WiFi Manager-also features new support for Secure Shell(SSH) and Nomadix Gateways. Pricing for WiFi Manager starts at $495., 925-924-9500, 888-720-9500

Apply Group Policy Settings to Machines Outside of AD
FullArmor announced GPAnywhere, a solution that uses SMS to define and apply Group Policy settings to machines outside of AD. GPAnywhere comes with three preconfigured templates that contain a fixed number ofpolicy settings—based on Microsoft best security practices—to help you secure machines,regardless of your Group Policy knowledge. GPAnywhere's Policy Template Designer lets you create custom templates for Group Policy settings. Pricing for GPAnywhere starts at $6 per managed machine and $1250 for the GPAnywhere management console., 617-457-8100, 800-653-1783

Product Spotlight

Pocket-Sized Storage with Built-in Backup and Recovery, 203-453-7300

Pexagon Technology released Store-It 1.8" and 2.5" portable USB 2.0 external hard drives. Both devices are built with Hitachi Travelstar hard drives and include EMC Retrospect backup software. Available drive capacities are 20GB and 60GB for the 1.8" device and 40GB to 120GB for the 2.5" device. "As shocking as it seems, a good majority of people still don't back up their data on a regular basis," says Brian Campbell, president of Pexagon Technology. "By providing external hard drives with EMC Retrospect Express, our devices take the hassle out of backup." Each Store-It drive has a push button called EZ-Touch One Button Backup that, when pushed, launches Retrospect software and backs up your data. Retrospect features progressive backup technology that backs up only new and changed data, saving time and disk space. Retrospect also passwordprotects, encrypts, and verifies your backups.

Two new services have been introduced to the Store-It drives. For a small price, you get to choose between Personalization Custom Laser Engraving, which lets you add three lines of text to the drive's enclosure, or myDrive Lost-N-Found, which engraves a 10-character ID number with contact information for returning the drive.

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