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New & Improved - 27 Sep 2005

Product Spotlight:

Minimize Risk Associated With GPO Changes, 408-856-3000, 888-323-6768

NetIQ released NetIQ Group Policy Guardian 2.0, software that helps you minimize the risk associated with Group Policy Object (GPO) changes and comply with regulations. The solution is part of the NetIQ Group Policy Suite, which also includes NetIQ Group Policy Administrator and FullArmor IntelliPolicy for Clients. The new version lets you quickly identify which GPO changes have been made and how the changes affect your Active Directory (AD) environment and your compliance status. New features include Closed-Loop Change Monitoring, which lets you designate and identify authorized versus unauthorized Group Policy alterations, alerting you to modifications made outside of an established change-management process; integration with NetIQ Group Policy Administrator so that you can launch the NetIQ Group Policy Guardian console from NetIQ Group Policy Administrator; and enhanced report filtering capability to provide reporting results based on multiple parameters including organizational unit (OU), site, and GPO.

Bob Tesh, senior manager of Product Marketing for NetIQ Security and Administration Solutions, said, "More organizations are realizing the efficiency of using Group Policy to roll out changes to their environment. If a change is made that disrupts the availability of a critical application, companies must have a quick and easy way to track down what change was made, which systems were affected, and who made the change in order to comply with regulations. NetIQ Group Policy Guardian provides customers with this information and allows them to safely leverage the power of Group Policy."

NetIQ Group Policy Guardian 2.0 is currently available as a standalone product or as part of the NetIQ Group Policy Suite. Pricing starts at $10 per user for NetIQ Group Policy Guardian and $20 per user for the NetIQ Group Policy Suite.

Manage the Event Log
Dorian Software Creations released Express Pack, a software package for total event log management that includes 5 server licenses and 25 workstation licenses of Event Alarm, Event Archiver, and Event Analyst and the company's Platinum Support Service package. Event Alarm monitors the log file from the moment it is generated. Event Archiver collects and consolidates log files for future review. Event Analyst cuts through the central store to translate the vast amounts of collected log data. The Express Pack costs $1499.99., 678-222-3443, 866-682-3646

Scan Your Network for Failures
GFI Software announced it's launching a freeware version of GFI Network Server Monitor 6.0, network-monitoring software that scans networks and servers for failures and lets you fix and identify problems before users report them. GFI Network Server Monitor can issue alerts by email or pager and can automatically perform required actions such as rebooting a machine, restarting a service, and running a script. New features include a new interface, the capacity to monitor Linux servers, and the ability to check service availability by simulating a service request., 919-379-3397, 888-243-4329

Fight Spam
Kerio Technologies released Kerio MailServer 6.1 a mailserver that adds Sender Policy Framework (SPF), Spam Repellent technology, and dual anti-virus scanning capability. Designed for small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs), Kerio MailServer provides email-, contact-, and group calendar-management for improved collaboration. The Spam Repellent feature fights off spam and viruses by inserting a delay in the SMTP handshake, causing virus- or spam-sending zombies to give up connection attempts. Pricing is $499 for 20 users and runs on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows OSs., 408-496-4500

BlackBerry Users: Print Your Email Messages
ThinPrint released Content Beamer, mobile-printing software for Research In Motion (RIM) BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry users can print email messages and attachments on network printers and print unformatted email texts on HP-compatible and Bluetooth-enabled printers. For security, Content Beamer for BlackBerry creates print jobs from its server component, then sends the print jobs from the mobile device via RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES); both servers sit behind a firewall. The only accepted Bluetooth printers are ones with which the user has explicitly established a connection before printing. Contact ThinPrint for pricing., 866-845-7811

Recover and Repair Lost Data
Ontrack Data Recovery released Ontrack EasyRecovery 6.1, a family of data-recovery and file-repair software products. New features include Microsoft Office 2003 support for EasyRecovery FileRepair components, added support for Serial ATA (SATA) device identification, enhanced device detection for a wider range of digital media and external media devices (i.e., USB, FireWire, USB key drives), and EasyRecovery Professional to support more than 290 specific file types. Pricing is $499 for EasyRecovery Professional, $199 for EasyRecovery DataRecovery, $339 for EasyRecovery FileRepair, $279 for EasyRecovery EmailRepair, and $89 for EasyRecovery Lite., 952-937-5161, 800-872-2599

Apply User Internet Quotas
Red Earth Software released Policy Patrol Web for Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server. The software lets companies create flexible, user-based content-filtering rules. Companies can also use the product to manage their Internet resources according to each of their user's needs, thus optimizing Internet resources, avoiding lost productivity, and protecting against legal liability and damage to reputation. The software performs URL checking, keyword filtering, file checking, virus and spyware blocking, and real-time monitoring. You can also use the software to create URL categories and apply user quotas to these categories so that users can conduct personal browsing for a controlled time or bandwidth limit. Pricing starts at $395 for 10 licenses., 603-436-1319, 800-921-8215

Secure Computers Joining the Network
Shavlik Technologies announced Shavlik NetChk Connect, a real-time patch-management solution that integrates with Shavlik HFNetChkPro to enable full security management for computers joining the network. Shavlik NetChk Connect doesn't require any client software to run on the computers. The product detects both wired and wireless new devices as they connect to the network, then sends a message to the Shavlik NetChk Console, which automatically initiates a secure scan of the new devices to search for missing and installed patches and installed spyware. User-defined policy lets the software automatically install patches or remove spyware and other unwanted software. Contact Shavlik Technologies for pricing and availability., 651-426-6624, 800-690-6911

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