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New Alliance Automates Attack Mitigation

A new alliance of network service providers, hosting companies and educational institutions have joined together to automate attack mitigation. The Fingerprint Sharing Alliance, developed by Arbor Networks, is based on the company's Peakflow SP solution, which provides managed services, infrastructure security, as well as traffic management and routing capabilities.

Companies using Peakflow SP can now share information about various attacks in realtime where Peakflow SP  can be used to send other members of the alliance fingerprints that serve to identify an attack. By sharing attack information in this fashion alliance members might be able to curb attacks closer to their origination points and also maintain network performance and uptime. Arbor Networks said that administrators can selectively choose which peers to send fingerprint information and recipients can choose to accept or reject the fingerprints.

Initial members of the alliance include Asia Netcom, Broadwing Communications, Cisco Systems, EarthLink, Energis, Internet2, ITC^DeltaCom, Merit Network, Rackspace, The Planet, University of Pennsylvania, Utah Education Network, Verizon Dominicana, WilTel Communications, and XO Communications.

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