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Lawyer's Perspective on Cisco, ISS, and Mike Lynn at BlackHat

Controversy ensued at the recent BlackHat conference in Las Vegas. You probably heard by now that Mike Lynn was slated to give a presentation at the show to discuss vulnerabilities in Cisco routers. At the time Lynn worked for Internet Security Systems (ISS) who apparently sanctioned his presentation.

However, Cisco got wind of the presentation and proceed to flex its muscle via a last-minute injunction to try to prevent that presentation from being given. Lynn subsequently quit his job at ISS during the BlackHat show and gave his presentation anyway. That lead to a lot of potential legal problems.

Lynn had California-based attorney Jennifer Granick represent him. Granick happens to also be the executive director of Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School, which specializes in "cyberlaw."

You can read Granick's blow-by-blow report of the incident in
her blog . Start and the bottom of the page and read the articles upward in chronological order.

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