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Earthlink to Acquire Security Solutions Maker Aluria Software

Earthlink and Aluria announced a deal where Earthlink will acquire the assets of Aluria Software, makers of the Spyware Eliminator software. Terms of the deal, expected to close in September, where not announced.

Aluria Software also makes a spam filtering solution, a desktop Web caching solution,  and pop-up blocking software. The company also offers an enterprise spyware solution, Paladin, which is based on Spyware Eliminator and used by over 35 million people worldwide.

Earthlink said that Aluria's assets will become part of a new division. The company already offers a TotalAccess security solution to its customers, which includes products that overlap with those of Aluria Software. At least part of Earthlink's current security offerings are part of a partnership with Symantec where customers pay a monthly subscription fee to as opposed to a yearly renewal fee typical of Symantec's sales program. Earthlink hasn't disclosed whether it will continue its partnership with Symantec.

Last week Symantec announced a deal to acquire policy compliance solution maker Sygate. Symantec intends to integrate Sygate solutions with its own offerings.

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