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Cisco Developers Might Be Up Late This Holiday Season

Mike Lynn encountered difficulty early this year in his attempts to discuss a flaw in Cisco hardware at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas. Lynn worked for Internet Security Systems at the time of the conference and was subsequently sued by Cisco for giving his presentation. The suit was settled out of court. Nevertheless, he apparently knows of 15 more flaws in Cisco hardware.

According to a report by Wired Magazine, Lynn said three of the flaws represent critical vulnerabilities that could allow an intruder to gain remote control over Cisco hardware. One of the flaws supposedly "would affect nearly every configuration of a Cisco router."


But it gets worse! Check this quote:

Lynn said he discussed the security vulnerabilities with his former bosses at ISS after the company asked him to reverse-engineer the Cisco operating system.

Lynn said that details about the vulnerabilities were also in notes and documents that ISS lawyers seized from him in July after he presented information about the first Cisco flaw at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas.

Double ouch... Nay! 15 ouches! Plus the shame!

Read the story at Wired.

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