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Auld Lang Syne

Remember the Apple II ?

The Timex Sinclair?

The Commadore C64?

Remember bulletin board systems?

Remember 115 and 300 baud modems?

Remember those really cool 1200 baud AppleCat II modems?

Remember 80-column cards?

The advent of amber monitors?

Of color monitors?

The advent of the IBM PC?

Of the Disk Operating System (DOS)?

Of hard disks?

Of sound cards?

Of network cards?

Of the original Macinstosh?

Of Windows?

The mouse?

Remember when there was no such thing as a security patch?

Remember when a firewall was only that concrete barrier between buildings?

Remember when the word "hacker" was a positive noun and not a negative adjective?

* * * * * * *

Best wishes for the new year!

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