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Access Denied: Scheduling Jobs on a Remote Server

I need users to be able to schedule jobs on an application server. Using the AT command seems to require administrator-level access. Do you know of a solution for the server that individuals can use to schedule jobs to run later as if they were logged on? I have disk quota senabled, so users must be operating under their own userID.

I was going to recommend that you use Scheduled Tasks, which does support multiple users submitting jobs to run under their own authority. However, your users likely need to submit jobs to your server from their workstations, and unfortunately (and contrary to Microsoft documentation), remote access to Scheduled Tasks works very poorly. Until Microsoft beefs up Scheduled Tasks to the level it should be at for an enterprise OS, you'll need to use a third-party solution. A variety of good products support remote access and let users submit jobs to run under their own account. For a good list of such products, see jobschedprod. Products range from inexpensive tools, such as Arcana Development's Arcana Scheduler, to enterprise-level solutions, such as Argent Job Scheduler.

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