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STAR WARS The Force Unleashed ... for the iPhone??

So I’ve begun playing STAR WARS The Force Unleashed on the Xbox 360 and will review it soon, hopefully. But I noticed the other day that there was a version of the game for the iPhone and, since I’m an idiot STAR WARS fan, I thought, what the heck. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much. (The Xbox 360 game, so far, seems average. But it nicely advances the STAR WARS storyline in excellent fashion.)

Well, go figure, but this game is pretty amazing. The graphics are excellent. It actually supports the accelerometer fully, so you can play it in either portrait or landscape mode, your choice, and you can switch on the fly at any time. Obviously, the game can’t duplicate the full game play of the console versions. But I like what they’ve done. Essentially, you use certain finger swipes across the screen to control various Force powers. It’s decent, and it’s a neat example of fitting an existing title into the form factor and processing restrictions of a very different platform. In some ways, it’s quite a bit more impressive than the console version.

Here are a few shots.




OK, I realize these are just introductory screens. But seriously. I’d love to see someone try that on a Windows Mobile device. It’s pretty impressive.

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