How do I register a SQL Server with SQL Enterprise Manager?

Neil Pike

March 4, 1999

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A. A. Before you can control a SQL Server with the Enterprise Manageryou first need to register it. If you are running for the first time performthe following:

  1. Make sure the SQL Server service has been started (Start - Settings -Control Panel - Services - MSSQLServer - Start)

  2. Start the SQL Enterprise Manager (Start - Programs - Microsoft SQL Server6.5 - SQL Enterprise Manager)

  3. Enter the computers name in the Server box (check using Network controlpanel applet, or right click on Network Neighbourhood and select Properties).

  4. In the Login ID box enter sa which is the default SQL Administrator, leavepassword blank.

  5. Click Register

  6. Click Close

Click here to view image
- Registering an SQL Server

The SQL Server will now be visible from the main control window.

If you have used SQL Enterprise Manager before and want to add a new serverjust right click on SQL 6.5 in Enterprise Manager and select "RegisterServer" from the context menu.

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