PDC 2010--Can't Get There This Year? There's still some goodness left in last year's

PDC 2010, Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference, is going on this week. But for the majority of you who couldn't get up to Redmond, there's a plethora of stuff from PDC 2009 that hasn't gone moldy or passed its expiration date.

Here are a few tasty nuggets the editors of SharePointPro Connections magazine found:
1) Overview of SharePoint 2010 Programmability
Learn about these exciting new capabilities of the SharePoint 2010 developer platform including ‘in-box’ features, services, APIs, and a powerful set of developer tools, and explore Visual Studio 2010 capabilities for SharePoint.

2) Developing Solutions for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Using the Client Object Model
 Learn how you can use the client object model to build custom solutions that truly leverage the power of SharePoint and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

3) Build a .NET Business Application in 60 Minutes with xRM and SharePoint
See how quickly you can use the business application building capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint to build a high scale business application in one hour.

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