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She gets it, she really gets it

I spend a lot of time shaking my head over what I see as illogical reactions to things in the tech industry, but it's nice to see that someone gets it every once in a while. Case in point, SBS Diva Sue Bradley, who just warms my soul with this post:

Windows Vista SP1 shows all the early signs of becoming an unmitigated disaster. IBM issued an internal memo telling their employees not to install SP1 until further notice, if ever. Several of my readers have said that they have no plans to install SP1 despite the fact that Microsoft labels it a critical update. The problem is that SP1 breaks other software. Lots of other software. And the workarounds for a particular broken package, if indeed there are any, can be pretty complex, involving editing the registry, opening or closing particular ports manually, and so on. Not something you want users doing, and not something that IT departments have the resources to do machine by machine."

I probably have everyone reading this quote and in full agreement with this post in regards to Vista SP1.  Except one problem.  You see this isn't an exact quote, I edited it to say Vista sp1.  The original post was in reference to XP SP2.  Yes, boys and girls that same operating system that is the "good ol' operating system, stable, wonderful" that we are waxing poetic about now, was seen as a disaster of a service pack when it first came out.  An "unmitigated disaster" in fact.

Funny isn't it?

Funny. Sad. Yeah.

Thanks Joe for pointing me to this.

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