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Report: AWS Lambda Dominates as Serverless Adoption Grows

Survey by Datadog shows ongoing prevalence for Amazon's Lambda service as organizations scale up their use of serverless architecture.

As more organizations adopt serverless architecture, they may be trying to make life a bit easier for developers. A survey by cloud monitoring service Datadog, as well as separate research from Gartner, point to a buildup in serverless architecture as enterprises chase digital efficiency. For the moment, AWS Lambda remains the incumbent leader among serverless computing services, though potential exists for rivals to grow in this market.

Stephen Pinkerton, product manager with Datadog, says his company collected responses from its customers for the state of serverless report, which focused on AWS Lambda because of its overall popularity as a serverless option. Some of the customers indicated they use serverless functions through Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

The common thread, he says, is that the developer experience is here to stay, such as writing code that responds to an event, and serverless compute speaks to greater efficiency. “Developers like that and CIOs, CTOs, and engineering managers are looking into it,” Pinkerton says. “It means that if your company’s core competency isn’t running servers or managing databases, you get to focus on just what your business does.”

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