Three Personal Firewalls Pass Stringent Security Testing

TruSecure Corpporation announced that its Internet Computer Security Association Labs division has awarded certification to three products under its new PC firewall certification program. The newly certified products include ZoneAlarm Pro for Windows, Tiny Personal Firewall for Windows 2000, and Norton Personal Firewall for Windows Me, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000, and NT Workstation.

The program tests, assesses, and validates firewall security to ensure that it can provide adequate protection under typical business use. Products must offer control for concurrently active LAN and dial-up networks and successive dial-up connections; protect against common attacks; provide control over outbound network traffic; and log related events in a useful manner. In addition, a typical user must be able to install the products.

"With the increase in remote offices and telecommuting, the need for secure yet open connections has never been higher," said Larry Bridwell, content security program manager for ICSA Labs. “ICSA Labs, working with product vendors and corporate users, have developed the most thorough and rigorous set of accepted criteria for personal firewall testing and certification. This Certification  . . . helps end users make informed security product buying decisions for their organizations.”

Tiny Personal Firewall is available at no cost to home users. ZoneAlarm Pro costs $39.95, and Norton Personal Firewall costs $49.95.

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