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Testing the Distribution

To test your installation, you might want to use a program such as VMware or the Connectix VirtualPC. By creating virtual machines, these programs let you to run multiple OSs simultaneously on one PC. To further enhance convenience, these programs also let you map a virtual CD-ROM drive directly to an ISO file. When you do so, the virtual PC sees the ISO as if it were an actual CD-ROM in a drive. Therefore, you can create a virtual PC, map the CD-ROM drive to the ISO you just created, and test all you want without burning through all your blank CD-ROMs. Best of all, you don’t need to set up a dedicated system for testing.

Install the OS and test it by running Hfnetchk ( with the –v (verbose) option. Doing so will inform you whether you missed any files in the copying process. If you did, go back and make sure you place the correct files in your \i386 directory.

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