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Q. How can I use my fingerprint instead of a username and password to log on to a Web site?

A. To use Microsoft Fingerprint Reader instead of a username and password to log on to a Web site, perform these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Web site page that requests the username and password.
  2. Before entering the username or password, press your finger on the fingerprint sensor on the Fingerprint Reader device.
  3. The Create Fingerprint Logon process will start. The Create Fingerprint Logon dialog box--which contains the Web-page logon fields (e.g., email address, password)--is displayed. You can change the Logon Title, if you want. When you're done reviewing and entering the necessary information, click OK.
  4. Now just press the fingerprint scanner at the Web logon page, and it will fill in the fields automatically and log you on to the Web site.
TAGS: Security
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