EMET 5.2 Gets Rereleased to Fix Issues with IE11

EMET 5.2 Gets Rereleased to Fix Issues with IE11

Last Friday, Microsoft delivered an updated version of its Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET), bringing the security tool to version 5.2. Since its release, customers have reported that the new version causes problems with Internet Explorer 11, causing the browser to crash.

A patched version is now available and Microsoft recommends everyone grab the update.

EMET is a mitigation tool and intended to be used to anticipate known and common techniques of exploits and then harden systems so that attacks are diverted, terminated, and blocked. EMET is great for using when zero-day vulnerabilities are announced to ensure systems are protected while waiting for a patch.

The updated update is available here: Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 5.2

To see what version 5.2 brings to the table, check out: EMET Picks Up Some Changes and Improvements with Version 5.2 Release

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