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A second look at the Windows 7 Display control panel, across product versions

The email that generated the previous post, Interesting new Windows 7 features ... But only for Starter and Home Basic, got me thinking. Why was this particular control panel so different across different Windows 7 product editions? To see what the differences really were, I took a shot of the Display control panel task list in each version, and then created this image, which shows each side by side:

Curiously, those with lower-end editions need to do more from this central location while those with higher-end editions, presumably, are free to access certain features elsewhere. (Or, in some cases, like Change Welcome Screen Background, not at all.) To understand which features were unique to certain editions, I crossed out those options that appear in every product edition. The result looks like so:

There are a number of oddities here. Why no "Connect to a projector" in Ultimate? UPDATE: Because that's installed on a desktop and not a notebook. My bad. --Paul

Why no "Adjust brightness" in Home Basic?

Why no "Change Welcome Screen background" in every single product edition?

And so on. Weird.

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