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Red Gate Buys Azure Cloud Tools Vendor Cerebrata

Red Gate Software, a provider of tools for .NET and SQL Server software development and database administration, announced that it has acquired Cerebrata, a maker of tools for managing Windows Azure. According to Gaurav Mantri, Cerebrata's founder and head of technology, the acquisition capitalizes on the organizations' synergies. "Working with a similar user base, shared values, and complementary technical expertise, we can expand and enrich the Windows Azure market," said Mantri.

In a blog post about the acquisition, Mantri outlined the benefits that the Red Gate/Cerebrata acquisition, which he views as a partnership, will provide users of the companies' products:

  • "Greater development and user-experience resources, which will help enable the timely release of tools that exceed expectations and are a delight to use.
  • Shared experience and technical knowledge. Red Gate has a strong line of .NET products, a successful product in SQL Azure Backup, and a commitment to simple tools that make developers' lives easier. This is an ideal merger of technical acumen and market approach.
  • A customer-first philosophy. One of Red Gate's hallmarks is its exceptional attention to user experience and support. Like Cerebrata, Red Gate puts the user's interests before all else."

Cerebrata will continue to operate its own website, and the entire Cerebrata development team will remain in place for the foreseeable future. "Cerebrata will continue to be run as Gaurav's citadel," said Luke Jefferson, Red Gate's Windows Azure product manager. "We want to tap into his incredible technical knowledge and help his team by automating processes and providing our user-experience expertise."

New releases from Cerebrata are planned for the near future. Cerebrata is rewriting its three core products, with new versions of Azure Diagnostics Manager and Cloud Storage Studio scheduled to be released in January 2012. Shortly thereafter, Cerebrata will release a new all-in-one tool called Azure Management Studio, a single product that will handle storage, applications, diagnostics and other key tasks for Azure developers.

Visit the companies' websites for more information about the acquisition and products and services offered by Red Gate and Cerebrata .

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