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Q. What's new in Microsoft Windows Messenger 5.1?

A. New features in Windows Messenger 5.1 include

  • improvements in file-transfer functionality for users who have multiple network connections (e.g., configurations involving wired and wireless network connections, users of VPN connections)
  • improvements in Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 and laptop support; specifically, improved support for onscreen stylus writing and better performance when using power-saving features such as standby or hibernation in portable computers
  • improvements to presence integration with applications, including better presence integration when applications are in full-screen mode (to avoid unwelcome instant messaging--IM--interruptions) and quicker refresh of presence information in applications such as Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, Microsoft Outlook XP, and Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server services
  • improvements to the sign-on process, enabling a quicker sign-on
  • support for Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 federation and advanced architecture features

Windows Messenger 5.1 is available at Microsoft download site.

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