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Year in Review
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Top 10 Programming Language Stories of 2023

ITPro Today's most-read programming language stories in 2023 provide software developers with news, guides, and tips for mastering the languages they use — or should be using.

With so many programming languages available, it's difficult for software developers to keep track of updates or even know which languages they should use. In 2023, ITPro Today reported on a number of updates to languages such as Java and Python and offered up how to guides and cheat sheets for understanding some of these languages.

Below are our 10 top programming language stories of 2023.

1. What Is the State of the Java Ecosystem in 2023?

Java has maintained its popularity in 2023, but while the programming language is mature, the landscape of vendors and user adoption is shifting. Learn more with analysis of the 2023 State of Java Ecosystem report from observability vendor New Relic.

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2. Python 3.12 Advances Open Source Programming Language with New Features

Open source programming language Python is continuing to add new capabilities while it grows in popularity. Python 3.12 offers several new updates, including new syntax features, grammar updates, and security improvements. Learn more about the newest version of Python.

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3. Rust Programming Language Cheat Sheet

While Rust is one of the most admired programming languages, mastering it can be much harder than some other languages. Get our Rust cheat sheet to get started learning the basics of Rust programming.

4. Oracle Java 21 Delivers Major Update to Open Source Programming Language

Java 21, released in September 2023, offers new features and improvements focused on enhancing developer productivity and application performance. Read more about Oracle's second Java update of the year.

5. Top Programming Language Trends in 2023

Read the predictions we made at the beginning of 2023 for programming languages and see how we did looking into the crystal ball.  

6. Top 7 Programming Languages for IT Engineers to Learn

IT engineers should have a basic understanding of programming languages to do their jobs more efficiently. Read our picks for the top seven programming languages IT engineers should learn.

7. How to Choose a 'Secondary' Programming Language

As a software developer, learning new programming languages can help you advance your career. Here are four options when choosing a secondary programming language.

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8. Python Commands Cheat Sheet

While Python is beginner-friendly, some of its commands can be difficult to remember. Our Python commands cheat sheet focuses on the fastest and easiest ways to achieve most tasks. Download if you're learning Python, or just need a refresher.

9. Anaconda Aims to Democratize Python with PyScript

In March, software service firm Anaconda launched as a service to help developers take full advantage of PyScript to build applications online. Learn more about the service.

AnacondaPyScript interface

10. The Problem with General-Purpose Programming Languages

Contributor Christopher Tozzi explains why there's still a case for domain-specific programming languages. Read more to find out why.

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