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Book Updated for Windows PowerShell 2.0

With Windows PowerShell 2.0 now available as a Community Technology Preview (CTP), books are starting to appear about this newest version of Microsoft's latest scripting language and environment. One such book is the second edition of Windows PowerShell Unleashed (Sams Publishing). In the second edition, Tyson Kopczynski, Pete Handley, and Marco Shaw have updated more than half of this book's material and rewritten examples for PowerShell 2.0. There are also seven new chapters that discuss such topics as security and PowerShell application development.

Like its predecessor, the second edition of Windows PowerShell Unleashed discusses PowerShell’s core concepts and techniques, helping IT pros leverage whatever Windows scripting experience they might already have. The book provides many examples on how to use PowerShell to manage the registry, file systems, permissions, Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) objects, and other elements in the Windows environment.

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