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A Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft PowerShell Getty Images

A Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft PowerShell

Want to become a PowerShell expert? This free guide explains the essential concepts and skills for getting started. Learn about PowerShell commands, scripts, and more.

Ask any PowerShell user whether Microsoft’s automated task and configuration system is worth learning today, more than likely you’ll receive an enthusiastic, “YES.” Debuted in 2006, PowerShell remains an indispensable tool for automating critical tasks, creating scripts and applications, and much more.

This guide is designed to get you familiar with the features of PowerShell, starting with its basic command structure. From there, you’ll pick up foundational PowerShell commands (or “cmdlets”) to get you moving, as well as how to run PowerShell scripts. Finally, you’ll learn how to create your own PowerShell functions. ITPro Today’s PowerShell expert Brien Posey provides easy-to-follow instructions, script examples, and visual demos along the way.

Download A Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft PowerShell to sharpen your PowerShell skills today.

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