10 Popular PowerShell Tips and Tricks in 2023

This midyear roundup of our most-read PowerShell articles contains tutorials and best practices.

Henry Chapman, Contributor

July 25, 2023

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an example of the PowerShell interface

As many IT professionals may already know, PowerShell is a powerful tool.

In this compilation of our latest PowerShell articles, we explore various facets of the command line shell and scripting language, ranging from its ability to write code to its integration with Active Directory and Azure Active Directory. With the guidance of PowerShell expert Brien Posey, these articles offer step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting tips, and demonstrations through video tutorials.

Read on to improve your PowerShell skills and knowledge.

1. Can ChatGPT Write PowerShell Code?

After conducting tests on ChatGPT, PowerShell expert Brien Posey found that the large language model can indeed generate PowerShell code. However, ChatGPT hasn’t yet perfected its craft. While the experiments revealed inaccuracies, they also highlight potential uses in PowerShell script creation.

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2. Mastering Windows File System Navigation with PowerShell

In this video, Posey demonstrates effective methods for navigating the Windows file system using PowerShell. These include commands inherited from DOS and PowerShell cmdlets.

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3. How To Import the PowerShell Active Directory Module

This guide walks readers through the process of importing the Active Directory module in both Windows Server and Windows operating systems. Additionally, the article includes troubleshooting tips for common errors.

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4. How To Split a String in PowerShell: Examples and Code

Posey discusses working with strings in PowerShell and how to break a string into smaller parts using different methods. The article primarily focuses on two techniques for splitting strings.

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5. How to Sign PowerShell Scripts: A Guide for IT Pros

Discover the added security of using trusted digital certificates to sign your PowerShell scripts. This downloadable guide explains how to create an Enterprise Certificate Authority on a Windows Server, acquire a certificate, and use it to sign a PowerShell script for enhanced security. 

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6. Secure Sensitive Information in PowerShell Scripts With Encryption

PowerShell scripts often include passwords and other sensitive data that could pose a security risk if accessed by unauthorized individuals. Watch this video tutorial on encrypting and decrypting within PowerShell scripts.

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7. How To Access Azure AD in PowerShell

Posey explains the benefits of using PowerShell for Azure Active Directory management. Learn how to install the Azure AD module, establish a connection to PowerShell, and use the module’s cmdlets to interact with Azure AD. 

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8. How To Export PowerShell Command History To Make a Script

Once you find an effective combination of PowerShell commands, it’s easy to export your command history to create a script. This tutorial explains the process of exporting your command history and cleaning up the file for further use.

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9. Use PowerShell To Scan Networks for Connected Devices

Posey shows how PowerShell can identify connected devices on a network, using MAC addresses to determine their manufacturers. The article provides a sample script and explains how the script works.

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10. How To Use PowerShell to Track Group Policy Drift

While PowerShell lacks a built-in method for tracking changes in group policy settings, Posey shows readers a workaround. Follow these steps to create group policy reports.

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