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The potential of Live Mesh is limitless...

The Live Mesh guys posted some interesting information about the technical limitations of the current pre-release version of the service:

Our underlying platform is designed to enable a wide range of scenarios, at broad Internet scale. We closely watch the feedback from our Technology Preview users along with the health and performance of the service, using it to continually improve the system and ramp up our scale.

As we go through this process, we’re hearing your questions about how many folders and files users can put in Live Mesh today. Here’s a quick summary of the upper bounds we’re testing against ourselves at the moment – we’ll expect these numbers to keep going up with subsequent service updates.

  • Size of all contents in a single Live Folder: 10GB (of course there’s still the 5GB quota which limits how much you can synchronize with the Live Desktop)
  • Individual file size: 2GB
  • Items (file or folders) per Live Folder: 100,000
  • Members per Live Folder: 200
  • Number of Live Folders per user: 200
  • Number of devices per user: 100

So if I'm reading this right (see bolded part above), I should only be able to sync 10 GB of content per folder in P2P mode. The thing is, I'm syncing one folder that has about 20 GB of content. And it works: I've successfully (if slowly) synced the contents of the folder between a desktop and two laptops so far. (I've not exceeded any of the other limits; that 20 GB folder has about 7500 items.) Curious.

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