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Windows Weekly 322: Bye-Bye Sky

Windows Weekly 322: Bye-Bye Sky

The one where Paul was in a closet in Amsterdam

In the latest episode of the Windows Weekly podcast, Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley and I discuss recent revelations about Surface financials, ASUS dropping Windows RT, Windows 8 usage share, Office Mobile for Android phones, Microsoft capitulates in SkyDrive trademark suit, and one year of

Running time: 1:37:47

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Tip of the week: Use a VPN service internationally to access US services

Anyone who travels or lives outside the United States knows that some online services we take for granted in the states either aren’t available in other countries or are significantly less useful. After years of traveling internationally, I’ve finally given in to this reality and am using a VPN service to spoof my location and get back access to the services I already pay for. If you spend time outside the country, this is something to consider doing as well. 

Software pick of the week: Windows 8.1 Enterprise Preview

Windows 8.1 Enterprise Preview is out, over a month after Windows 8.1 Preview … And why Microsoft can't name anything right. 

Enterprise pick of the week: July Lync client

Microsoft's latest Lync client update: Now with two-factor authentication

Codename pick of the week: Metro

MS actually used the Metro codename for something totally different than the UI/tiled interface/design language. Back in 2005, it was the codename for what became OXPS/OXML (thanks to Raf for the tip)

Beer pick of the week: It's IPA day (August 1): ... so today's pick has to be an IPA. Gotta go big: Stone RuinTen:


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